Innovation in Protein Introduction

Add2X Biosciences has been incorporated in June 2004. We are a product-oriented biotechnology company committed to the development of innovative and improved agri-biotechnological and industrial products that are based on our proprietary protein delivery technologies.

Add2X Biosciences’ portfolio is based on proprietary platform technologies for the efficient delivery of proteins into eukaryotic cells. Upon its incorporation, Add2X has obtained exclusive licenses on a patent family from Leiden University (LU). The company’s platform technology allows the development of innovative products for a wide range of customers, including the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industry and seed companies.


Add2X Biosciences’ proprietary technology port folio is based on the research in the Hooykaas group at Leiden University on the soil bacterium and plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Previously, as part of the MOLBAS group headed by Prof. Rob Schilperoort, this research led to the discovery and development of the Binary Vector System (BVS). The BVS technology comprises the use of Agrobacterium tumefaciens as efficient transporter of DNA to plant cells, and has become one of the central technologies in plant biotechnology. Over the past 20 years, the BVS technology has allowed for the convenient and reliable introduction of a variety of new genetic traits not only into crop plants, but based on discoveries done in Leiden also into other commercially interesting eukaryotic organisms such as yeasts and fungi.

More recent research in the Hooykaas group has led to important new discoveries that form the basis of the platform technology of Add2X Biosciences BV, which can be applied for the translocation of heterologous proteins into eukaryotic cells and organisms in vivo. - Sylviusweg 72 - 2333 BE – Leiden